News from MSI

2021 MSI Young Scholars Announced

December 22, 2020

MSI is delighted to announce the 2021 class of Young Scholars. The Young Scholars Program was conceived and organized twenty years ago by a diverse group of marketing scholars whose interests spanned all disciplines within marketing. Recognizing the lack of interactions across these domains, MSI convened a conference to bring these perspectives together and develop […]

Why Startups Should Make Marketing a Priority

December 13, 2020

Getting a new business off the ground is hard. It’s so hard that 90% of them fail in the first year and only half make it to five years. The operational demands and financial constraints that start-ups face often push marketing far down a long list of priorities for founders who are struggling to turn […]

When Multichannel Marketing Doesn’t Work: A Better Strategy for Loyal Customers

December 13, 2020

Multichannel may be the holy grail of marketing, but it doesn’t work in every case or for every consumer. A new study finds that firms with multiple brands may yield a bigger payoff by following a single-channel marketing strategy, especially with the most loyal customers who shop the highest tier of product offerings. “In contrast […]

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