Research Program

MSI provides support and direction to academic researchers who want to achieve a positive impact on marketing practice.

Guided by corporate members’ critical questions and issues, MSI supports research that advances marketing science and inspires real-world business solutions.

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MSI 2024 Research Priorities

MSI’s research priorities influence the work of scholars all over the world, informing the academic community about our member companies’ most important questions and concerns. In 2024, four new broad priority topics are framed by MSI member companies: 

  • Marketing Analytics – AI, Models, Measurement, and Communication 
  • Consumer Experiences – Changing Expectations, Customer Journey, and Technology 
  • Stakeholders – Holistic Stakeholders, Navigating Organizations, and Intra-Organizational Education/Communication
  • Innovation – New Technologies, Research & Development, and Organizational Development 

Download the MSI 2024 Research Priorities Booklet

Research Support

Academic researchers (faculty members or doctoral students working collaboratively with faculty advisors) are eligible to apply for research support.

Research Competitions

MSI sponsors special research competitions on selected priority topics. Competition announcements specify eligibility and submission procedures.

Submit Working Papers

MSI’s Working Paper Series offers early access to new findings and insights on marketers’ critical questions. Academics researchers are invited to submit working papers that address MSI research priority topics.

MSI Scholars

The MSI Scholars Program was established in 2018 to bring together a select group of mid-career-level academics, with the purpose of recognizing individuals’ excellence in scholarship, developing a cohort across marketing disciplines, and strengthening ties between scholars and MSI.

MSI Young Scholars

The Young Scholars Program was established by MSI in 2001 to recognize early-career marketing scholars whom it believes will be the leaders of the next generation of marketing scholars. The alumni of Young Scholars now number more than 300 academic leaders who are teaching and conducting research in universities around the world.

Alden G. Clayton Award

The annual Alden G. Clayton dissertation proposal competition recognizes marketing doctoral students who are working on research questions with important marketing, societal, and policy implications. Each year, MSI grants up to five awards and five honorable mentions, encouraging top-notch Ph.D. students to apply rigorous research methods to questions that have real business relevance.

Awards Programs

The Marketing Science Institute sponsors these marketing awards annually:

MSI/AMA H.Paul Root Award

Robert D. Buzzell MSI Best Paper Award

MSI Top Download Award 

Advertising Research Foundation

Through our new partnership with the ARF, academic members will have access to new research resources and industry connections.

Read more about the partnership here.

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