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Below, please find a list of the opportunities and resources provided by MSI to Academic Researchers. Here, you will find easy navigation to what you are looking for.

Apply For Free Academic Access

Academics who have completed a Ph.D. receive member-only access to and invitations to conferences.

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Apply for Research Support or Submit a Working Paper

MSI hosts rolling open calls for grant pre-proposals and completed working papers.

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Calls for Initiatives and Competitions

Interested in specific calls for submissions? MSI offers deadline-based initiatives and competitions as well.

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Learn About MSI's Research Priorities

Every two years, the Marketing Science Institute asks its member company trustees to articulate their most pressing business concerns. This input from representatives of many of the world’s leading companies informs MSI's research agenda for the two years that follow, guiding funding decisions as well as special research initiatives and competitions.

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MSI Young Scholars

Marketing Science Institute’s biennial Young Scholar Program brings together some of the most promising scholars in marketing and closely related fields whose recent work suggests they are potential leaders of the “next generation” of marketing academics.

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