Insights Exchange

MSI Insights Exchange is a new MSI offering for members and academics to address industry issues head on. Led by notable academics, designed for members to engage in peer discussion and simultaneously gain academic experts’ insights and advice. 


MSI Insights Exchange was developed in response to member interest in gathering practitioners from across industries to discuss shared issues, and a desire to learn from each other and MSI’s world-class network of academic experts. 


MSI will define session topics throughout the year that matter most to members. 

Each topic will start with a virtual meeting (a meeting group may convene as frequently as needed, and provide input into research projects if desired). Members are not required to commit to more than any given meeting. 

Top academic experts will kick off the session. Members will have a unique opportunity to share real-world observations, tackle pressing issues, or present informal mini-case studies fostering a collaborative environment that drives actionable insight and innovative solutions. 


  • A discussion-led environment: participants will come with cameras on, prepared to contribute and engage with fellow members and academics 
  • A slate of highly relevant and future-looking topics that address the most critical challenges and opportunities MSI members are facing  
  • Facilitation by the latest, most cutting-edge thinking in marketing science academia 
  • An opportunity to overcome obstacles and reframe challenges through exchanging insights with fellow MSI members 
  • Actionable insights and takeaways that can be applied to daily work and organizational issues

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