MSI Solutions 

Research Insights Built on Scientific Objectivity

MSI has been at the forefront of marketing science and research since 1961, providing a platform for unbiased scientific research, collaboration, and peer-to-peer networking. Members save time, gain insights, and pressure test assumptions through a network of trusted academics and industry peers as a member of a community of top brands and leaders from across industries.  

Based on recent member demand, MSI now is offering an additional level of service for members who want assistance evaluating and developing significant projects and initiatives. Leveraging our unique network of world-class academic subject matter experts, MSI staff will work with member companies in a highly consultative engagement to develop an initial situation analysis, identify research questions, and manage primary research to solve member challenges. This service includes project fees and is only available to MSI members.  

MSI works with a member to identify the specific research challenge, develop a Research Project Brief, curate academic SMEs, and manage the research process.  They can take many forms, including the following: 

Academic Partner Research Question Development 

  • Consultative engagement to (re)frame research questions
  • Identify existing academic resources to answer novel questions 


Academic Partner Research Project 

  • Managed primary research by individual academic SMEs 


Academic Community Research Competition 

  • Managed research competition within the marketing academic community
  • Curate key academic SMEs to participate 


Member challenges and research questions that are ideal for MSI Solutions engagements include topics where no clear answer has been previously identified by industry or academic experts. Examples (past and present) include the following: 

  • Discovering strategic approaches and frameworks to manage data and tech stacks in marketing  
  • Identifying models for customer engagement effectiveness across multiple channels
  • Assessing consumer expectations and perceptions of AI-enabled service quality experiences
  • Determining models for marketing mix effectiveness in B2B industries  


If you face challenges and struggles without clear solutions, MSI is eager to help.  Let us develop an MSI Solution with you. 

If you would like to inquire about MSI Solutions, contact your Member Manager at, or Keith Smith, MSI Research Director, at 

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