MSI Scholars Program

The MSI Scholars Program was established to bring together a select group of mid-career level academics, with the purpose of recognizing individuals’ excellence in scholarship, developing a cohort across marketing disciplines, and strengthening ties between scholars and MSI.

2021 Scholars Program

The 2021 Scholars Program will convene January 4-7, 2022 in Charleston, SC for three days of research sharing and to explore future collaborations. They will be joined by the Scholars selection committee.

About the Program

The Scholars Event provides an exclusive forum for these prominent academics to share their work, discuss their latest thinking, and explore optimal partnerships between research and practice. Over the three-day conference retreat, the class will participate in the following activities:

  • Individual research presentations that offer opportunities for future study that could benefit from academic-practitioner collaboration;
  • Integrative exercises building upon participant presentations, focusing on how MSI can better serve the academic field, and how the field can help MSI and its members;
  • Excursions, networking, and opportunities for cohort building.

Eligibility and Application Process

Eligible academics for the MSI Scholars program will be mid-career level researchers, specifically those scholars at or on the cusp of full professor, who received their Ph.D.s between 2006 and 2010. They should have a keen understanding of the importance of academic-practitioner partnerships and be prepared to share ideas for practical application.

Consistent with Scholars’ advanced standing in the field, MSI strongly encourages self-nominations by eligible scholars. Along with a curriculum vitae (CV), the application must include a 1-2 page summary of the translational implications of the applicant’s past and future research for MSI’s research priorities, business practice, and industry trends.

Submissions are now closed.

Selection Process

The MSI Scholars will be selected by the Scholars Committee, and participation will be limited to approximately 30 individuals from the pool of applicants. Selection is highly competitive and will consider:

  • Field service and leadership
  • Citations and impact
  • Research productivity and quality
  • Relevance of research to the MSI member community


In selecting the class of MSI Scholars, the committee will seek a balance across the various sub-fields in marketing, and applications are open to other disciplines where appropriate (e.g., economics, statistics, psychology, and computer science).

MSI Scholars Committee

  • Rajdeep Grewal, University of North Carolina; Co-editor for the Journal of Marketing Research
  • K. Sudhir, Yale University; Editor-in-Chief of Marketing Science
  • Jeffrey Inman, University of Pittsburgh; Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Consumer Research
  • Carl Mela, Duke University
  • Barbara Kahn, The Wharton School; Executive Director, Marketing Science Institute
  • Earl Taylor, Marketing Science Institute
  • Sherry Pincus, Marketing Science Institute

MSI Scholars by Year

  • Sinan Aral, MIT
    Simona Botti, London Business School
    Tony Cui, University of Minnesota
    Rex Du, University of Houston
    Rosellina Ferraro, University of Maryland
    David Gal, University of Illinois at Chicago
    Anindya Ghose, New York University
    Markus Giesler, York University
    Brett Gordon, Northwestern University
    Ryan Hamilton, Emory University
    Kelly Haws, Vanderbilt University
    Raghuram Iyengar, University of Pennsylvania
    Kinshuk Jerath, Columbia
    Zsolt Katona, University of California, Berkeley
    Leonard Lee, National University of Singapore
    Debanjan Mitra, University of Florida
    Ashwani Monga, Rutgers University
    Carey Morewedge, Boston University
    Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    Harikesh Nair, Stanford University
    Sridhar Naranayan, Stanford University
    Oded Netzer, Columbia University
    Robert Palmatier, University of Washington
    Stefano Puntoni, Erasmus University
    Rebecca Reczek, Ohio State University
    David Schweidel, Georgetown University
    Jiwoong Shin, Yale University
    Suzanne Shu, UCLA
    Deborah Small, University of Pennsylvania
    S. Sriram, University of Michigan
    Catherine Tucker, MIT
    Sriram Venkataraman, University of North Carolina
    Kenneth Wilbur, University of California, San Diego
    Juanjuan Zhang, MIT


    2018 Selection Committee:

    Darren Dahl, University of British Columbia
    Preyas Desai, Duke University
    Katherine N. Lemon, Boston College
    Carl F. Mela, Duke University and Marketing Science Institute
    Gordon Wyner, Marketing Science Institute

  • Nidhi Agrawal, University of Washington

    Paulo Albuquerque, INSEAD

    Eva Ascarza, Harvard University

    Rajesh Bagchi, Virginia Tech

    Jonah Berger, University of Pennsylvania

    Anindita Chakravarty, University of Georgia

    Jeff Galak, Carnegie Mellon University

    Kelly Goldsmith, Vanderbilt University

    Vlad Griskevicius, University of Minnesota

    Sam Hui, University of Houston

    Ashlee Humphreys, Northwestern University

    Yuwei Jiang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Anat Keinan, Boston University

    Cait Lamberton, University of Pennsylvania

    Anja Lambrecht, London Business School

    Mitchell Lovett, University of Rochester

    Kanishka Misra, University of California

    Jian Ni, Johns Hopkins University

    Yesim Orhun, University of Michigan

    Raghunath Rao, The University of Texas at Austin

    Joe Redden, University of Minnesota

    Oliver Rutz, University of Washington

    Aner Sela, University of Florida

    Shrihari (Hari) Sridhar, Texas A&M University

    Andrew  Stephen, University of Oxford

    Manoj Thomas, Cornell University

    Claudia Townsend, University of Miami

    Michael Trusov, University of Maryland

    Oleg Urminsky, University of Chicago

    Ralf Van Der Lans, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    Echo Wen Wan, University of Hong Kong

    Keith Wilcox, Columbia University

    Karen Winterich, Pennsylvania State University

    Hema Yoganarasimhan, University of Washington

    Min Zhao, Boston College


    2020 MSI Scholars Selection Committee:

    Barbara Kahn, The Wharton School & Marketing Science Institute
    Carl Mela, The Fuqua School of Business
    Sherry Pincus,  Marketing Science Institute
    Earl Taylor, Marketing Science Institute
    Rajdeep Grewal, University of North Carolina
    Jeffrey Inman, University of Pittsburgh
    K. Sudhir, Yale University

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