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The Image + Text Formula in Brand Social Media Posts that Really Works

Over 3.2 billion images are shared on social media. The inclusion per se of any image in social media posts does not always translate into higher consumer sharing. What visual and verbal aspects generate a compelling social media post? Stefania Farace and Francisco Villarroel will discuss their research on text-image relationships in social media and offer insights into how content managers can create effective multimodal social media messages.

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Stefania Farace

Eastern Connecticut State University

Stefania Farace is Assistant Professor of Marketing at Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU), where she teaches Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behavior, and Marketing Research to undergraduate students. Stefania’s research is on the influence that visuals have on consumer behavior. With a strong focus on social media, Stefania has achieved substantial expertise in the understanding of how visual compositions affect viewers. Stefania’s publications have appeared in the Journal of Advertising, European Journal of Marketing, and Journal of Interactive Marketing. Stefania has presented her work at various international conferences, such as Marketing Science, AMA, EMAC, and SCP.

Francisco Villarroel

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Francisco Villarroel Ordenes is Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst. His work has centered on the phenomenon of big text data (e.g. consumer reviews, online brand content) and their business implications. Through this research, Francisco has achieved substantial expertise in the use of linguistic frameworks and text mining as methods to develop accurate measures of consumers’ sentiments expressions and brand content strategies in social media, assessing their impact on online sales and e-WOM. Francisco’s publications have appeared in the Journal of Service Research, Journal of Consumer Research, and Journal of Advertising among others.

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