August 27, 2024 | 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm ET 


MSI Webinar: ChatGPT for Marketing and Sales: A Hands-On Introduction

In this webinar, Johannes Habel (University of Houston) and Bill Donnelly (Penske) will explore ChatGPT’s potential to support us when making common decisions in marketing. We will do so hands-on, taking Penske as an example company. We will then open ChatGPT, ensure ChatGPT knows the target company, and take the following steps:


  • Market research: We will use ChatGPT to understand Penske’s market and key customer needs that are commonly met or unmet.
  • Innovation: We will use ChatGPT to develop an innovation idea to better address unmet needs in the market and come up with a brand name that fits the Penske’s naming conventions.
  • Positioning: We will use ChatGPT to examine how our innovation compares to existing offerings in the market, what the competitive advantage is, and how the innovation should be priced.
  • Communications: We will use ChatGPT to develop a first draft of a product/service flyer and/or a press release.
  • Sales: We will use ChatGPT to look for sales leads in one particular city/state who would see value in the innovation, including contact details. We will then have ChatGPT develop a call script for us.


To close, we will discuss some success factors and common dangers when using ChatGPT.


Johannes Habel

University of Houston

Johannes Habel is an Associate Professor at the University of Houston’s Sales Excellence Institute. His research and teaching interests include the psychology of personal selling and sales management as well as the digital transformation of sales. Johannes previously was a Professor at the Warwick Business School, United Kingdom, and an Associate Professor at ESMT Berlin, Germany. He received a doctorate in marketing from the University of Bochum, Germany; and a degree in management from the University of Mannheim, Germany. Before joining academia, he worked as a management consultant with Booz & Company (today strategy&) and as a radio news anchor.

William Donnelly

Penske Truck Leasing

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August 27, 2024 | 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm ET

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