Oct 30, 1:00 PM UTC 

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How Politics Can Influence Shopping Behavior

​As conservative and liberal opinions have grown more divided, political affiliation is more central to consumers’ identities than ever before. The polarized political climate is impacting the marketplace, where consumers increasingly take a political stand through their actions and expect companies to do the same. In this charged environment, understanding how consumers’ political ideologies may influence their shopping behavior is important for marketers. Our research takes a step toward addressing this question. We find that conservative and liberal ideologies lead consumers to choose distinct products to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Our findings show how and why political ideology produces divergent product preferences, and they offer insights into what marketers can do about it. In this webinar, Nailya Ordabayeva will explain the research and findings.

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Nailya Ordabayeva, Boston College

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Oct 30, 1:00 PM UTC | Online

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