2018 MSI Scholars Announced

March 9, 2018

MSI is delighted to announce the inaugural class of MSI Scholars, a group of 34 mid-career faculty who will convene for a July 30 – August 2 retreat in Breckenridge, Colorado.

The new MSI initiative was developed to recognize excellence in marketing scholarship, develop a cohort across marketing disciplines, and strengthen ties between scholars and MSI. “The MSI Scholars are among the most prominent marketing scholars in the world, and we look forward to their ideas about setting the agenda for the field and helping to bridge the gap between research and practice,” said Executive Director Carl Mela.

2018 MSI Scholars

Sinan Aral, MIT
Simona Botti, London Business School
Tony Cui, University of Minnesota
Rex Du, University of Houston
Rosellina Ferraro, University of Maryland
David Gal, University of Illinois at Chicago
Anindya Ghose, New York University
Markus Giesler, York University
Brett Gordon, Northwestern University
Ryan Hamilton, Emory University
Kelly Haws, Vanderbilt University
Raghuram Iyengar, University of Pennsylvania
Kinshuk Jerath, Columbia
Zsolt Katona, University of California, Berkeley
Leonard Lee, National University of Singapore
Debanjan Mitra, University of Florida
Ashwani Monga, Rutgers University
Carey Morewedge, Boston University
Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Harikesh Nair, Stanford University
Sridhar Naranayan, Stanford University
Oded Netzer, Columbia University
Robert Palmatier, University of Washington
Stefano Puntoni, Erasmus University
Rebecca Reczek, Ohio State University
David Schweidel, Georgetown University
Jiwoong Shin, Yale University
Suzanne Shu, UCLA
Deborah Small, University of Pennsylvania
S. Sriram, University of Michigan
Catherine Tucker, MIT
Sriram Venkataraman, University of North Carolina
Kenneth Wilbur, University of California, San Diego
Juanjuan Zhang, MIT

The MSI Scholars Conference builds on the success of MSI’s biennial Young Scholars Program, launched in 2001. Both initiatives strengthen ties with marketing academics at important points in their careers, encouraging and cultivating rigorous research that has significant potential to influence and enhance marketing practice.

The call for applications to the 2018 Scholars Conference drew 116 high-quality applications, Mela said. “I am particularly grateful to Darren Dahl, Preyas Desai, and Kay Lemon, who devoted a great deal of time and expertise to select our inaugural class.”

2018 MSI Scholars Committee

Darren Dahl, University of British Columbia
Preyas Desai, Duke University
Katherine N. Lemon, Boston College
Carl F. Mela, Duke University and Marketing Science Institute
Gordon Wyner, Marketing Science Institute

MSI Scholars Program

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