MSI Competition Winners Investigate Impact of Mobility

MSI is pleased to announce the winners of our research proposal competition, “Mobile Platforms, Location-based Services, and their Impact on Consumers.” Thirty-five high-quality research proposals were submitted. The competition review panel selected six outstanding submissions as the competition winners. All of the competition winners have been awarded MSI research grants to help support their work.

We congratulate the competition winners, and we want to express our appreciation to the authors of the many other high-quality submissions we received.


  • Alan D. Cooke, Keith Wilcox, and Peter P. Zubcsek, "Is Anyone Paying Attention? An Experimental Investigation of Mobile Display Advertising Effectiveness"
  • Stephan Daurer, Dominik Molitor, Martin Spann, and Puneet Manchanda, "SmartSearch: The Impact of Smartphones, Barcode Scanning, and Location-based Services on Customers’ Online and Offline Search Behavior"
  • Nicholas H. Lurie, Sam Ransbotham, and Hongju Liu, "Going Mobile: The Characteristics and Influence of Mobile Word of Mouth"
  • Liye Ma and Baohong Sun, “'Show Me That Ad Again When You Get a Chance': Analyzing Mobile Application Usage and Ad Response for Optimal Targeting"
  • Paul Mills and César Zamudio, "Snap Coupons: Scanning for Discounts at the First Moment of Truth"
  • Joseph Pancras, Rajkumar Venkatesan, and Bin Li, "Returns from Customizing Mobile Loyalty Programs: Spatial and Temporal Aspects"

A distinguished panel of reviewers selected the competition winners:

John Deighton, Harvard Business School, Chair
Pradeep K. Bansal, AT&T Labs
Donna L. Hoffman, University of California Riverside
J. Jeffrey Inman, University of Pittsburgh
Donald R. Lehmann, Columbia University
Russell S. Winer, New York University

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