Aug 24, 12:00 AM UTC 

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Using Transparency to Improve Consumer and Employee Experiences

In this webinar, Tami Kim (Harvard University) will examine how firms can innovate their current operational processes—in a simple and unobtrusive way—to improve consumer and employee experiences. Attendees will learn how transparency can improve customer perceptions and increase service quality and efficiency—offering a low-cost strategic advantage.

Tami will present findings from field experiments in food service settings that shows that allowing customers to observe operational processes and allowing employees to observe customers contributed to a 22.2% increase in customer-reported quality and reduced throughput times by 19.2%. Laboratory studies revealed that customers who observed the food-making process perceived greater employee effort and thus were more appreciative of the employees and valued the service more. Employees who observed customers while working felt that their work was more appreciated and more impactful and thus were more satisfied with their work and more willing to exert effort. These findings offer insights into how firms can leverage technology to make their service environments both efficient and enjoyable.

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Aug 24, 12:00 AM UTC | Online

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