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Building A Data Analytics Orientation

Winning organizations are the ones capable of effectively connecting customer and competitor data to marketing and business strategy. But what is the secret sauce that allows some organizations to better leverage data analytics than others? Rajkumar Venkatesan (University of Virginia) will share a five-phase process model and case studies of data-driven cultures developed from interactions with senior executives in banking, technology, manufacturing, media, and life science industries. This model consists of five phases: (1) Identify the options available to address a strategic challenge, (2) develop metrics to evaluate performance of the strategic options and design the system of metrics that connects firm inputs to the evaluation metric, (3) identify the data necessary to populate the system of metrics, (4) use analytics to predict components of the system of metrics and develop consumer and competitive insight, (5) identify the best strategic option, and design organizational transformation to act on the insight. From the case studies and process models, Raj will then identify five organizational enablers that distinguish organizations who are successful in developing a data analytics orientation.

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Aug 31, 12:00 AM UTC | Online

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