October 26 - 27 



Leading OTT providers, advertisers and research experts share their perspectives and predictions about changing viewing behavior and where the market is heading. For discussion: how have viewing patterns and preferences evolved, what strategies have streaming companies employed to maintain and increase market share and how have advertisers taken advantage of the shifts?

What a difference a year can make: Fueled by the pandemic, more consumers turned to digital viewing options available to them at home and on mobile devices. This accelerated the trend towards streaming and led to a dramatic increase in the number of streaming services – and in ad dollars going to OTT and CTV. As a result, the market is becoming saturated and the push — and battle — for subscriptions and advertisers, is heating up, in the US and internationally.

There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a major media and advertising evolution. What do these changes mean for legacy media companies, streaming services, brands and content creators?

Attend OTTxSCIENCE on October 26-27 to hear the latest research-based insights about viewers’ use of streaming services, providers’ strategies to reach and captivate those viewers, and the role of advertising on CTV/OTT platforms. Learn about AVOD vs. SVOD, advances in measurement and fraud detection. Finally, explore data on the latest trends, the drivers of viewing behavior and the business of OTT to generate insights that help anticipate evolving trends and develop plans for the future.

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