Jul 19, 1:00 PM UTC 

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Culture Matters: What Does a Consumer’s Cultural Background Say about the Way They Think about Products, Brands, and Prices?

​This webinar explores the cultural background “clues” that can help in creating more effective branding, advertising, and pricing strategies. The session examines differences in the value profiles of Eastern and Western consumers, focusing on the cultural core values that predict consumer motivation. It also addresses fundamental cultural differences in how consumers think. Knowledge of these well-established differences in styles of thinking—analytic versus holistic— can help marketers create more effective branding and pricing strategies.
This webinar is relevant for understanding global culture differences as well as ethnic cultural differences within the U.S. It is especially relevant for marketing researchers and B2C marketers who want to ensure that their strategies speak to the things that matter to their customers. No passport required.


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Sharon Shavitt, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Jul 19, 1:00 PM UTC | Online

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