May 1, 1:00 PM UTC 

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Challenging the Marketing Status Quo

Why do businesses fail to adapt as circumstances evolve? What are the forces that prevent organizations from changing and how can they be overcome? Though these questions are fundamental, surprisingly little serious attention has been paid to them. The social science literature often makes the case that individuals and institutions alike suffer from a status quo bias, yet such an answer doesn’t provide an explanation, but simply restates the problem. Why is there a tendency to maintain the status quo? Why is change so hard? These questions are particularly critical for marketers who must respond to shifting customer preferences, a dynamic marketing environment, and technological changes. In this webinar, we will draw on lessons from the history of warfare, business, and science to identify the forces that serve to protect the status quo and how these forces can be overcome.

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David Gal, University of Illinois at Chicago

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May 1, 1:00 PM UTC | Online

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