Jan 15, 1:00 PM EST 


2019 Academic Marketing Climate Survey: Motivation, Results, and Recommendations

In this session, Professor Jeff Galak will present the results of a climate survey of academic marketing which documents, among other things, that the climate for women and underrepresented minorities is considerably worse than for men and dominant racial groups. These findings will be of interest to any marketers, academic or otherwise, thinking about how to evaluate workplace climate and how to improve inclusion with their organizations. Aside from a description of the state of the field, some recommendations will be provided to help organizations change their systems and culture to elevate the experiences of women and underrepresented minorities within academic marketing.

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More information on the survey results can be found here.

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Jeff Galak

Carnegie Mellon University

Jeff Galak is Associate Professor of Marketing at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business and of Social and Decision Sciences (by courtesy) at CMU’s Dietrich College of Humanities. Jeff's expertise is in consumer behavior, consumer psychology, judgment and decision making, and research methodology. He has published academic research in top journals including the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Psychological Science and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Though his primary interest is understanding consumer behavior more broadly, he focuses on, among other things, consumer enjoyment, hedonic decline, variety seeking, affective forecasting, expectation updating, sentimental value, gift giving behavior, and fluency effects. Jeff serves as an Editor at PLoS ONE, actively engages with marketing firms in a consulting role, and is committed to ensuring a diverse and equitable work environment within academic marketing. Aside from his academic career, Jeff is an avid woodworker, fitness enthusiast, and computer geek. Jeff lives with his brilliant wife, goofball daughter, and carefree son in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Jan 15, 1:00 PM EST

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