MSI 2024 Calendar of Events


1/9 – Webinar: The Pitfalls of Marketing Personas when Analyzing Customer Data | Quentin André (University of Colorado)

1/17Webinar: The Future of Product Design: Leveraging Generative AI | Alex Burnap (Yale University)


2/8 – Workshop: Aligning Marketing and Sales Through Digital Transformation | Michael Ahearne (University of Houston), Johannes Habel (University of Houston) 

2/22 & 2/23MSI Summit: Marketing After AI | Los Angeles, CA


3/5 – Webinar: Why Consumers Value ‘Cures’ More but Want to Pay Less | Mathew Isaac (Seattle University) 

3/13 – Webinar: Designing Influencer Marketing Content for Enhanced Consumer Experiences and Brand Performance | Jordan Moffett (University of Kentucky), Patrick Fennell (Kennesaw State University)

3/19 – Webinar: Experience Infusion: How to Improve Customer Experience by Embedding Autotelic Activities in Incidental Activities | Mathew Chylinski (University of New South Wales)

3/26 – Webinar:  How and When Artificial Intelligence Augments Employee Creativity | Xueming Luo (Temple University)


4/2 – Webinar: Antecedents and Consequences of an Inclusive Brand Marketing Strategy | Dionne Nickerson (Indiana University), Sundar Bharadwaj (University of Georgia)

4/17 – Webinar: Theory & Practice of AI Applications in Marketing | Gerard J. Tellis (University of Southern California)


5/7 & 5/8 – MSI Analytics Conference: Data Privacy and Policy: Implications for Marketing Analytics | Washington, D.C.

5/22 – Webinar: Virtual Reality Applications in Marketing Research: Measuring and Managing the Customer Experience Using Immersive Simulations | Raymond Burke (Indiana University)


6/4 – Webinar: Ad-vancing Diversity: Evaluating the Impact of Diversity in TV Advertising on Consumer Purchase Intention | Koen Pauwels (Northeastern University)

6/11 – Webinar: Opposing Influences of YouTube Influencers: Purchase and Usage Effects in the Videogame Industry | Mitch Lovett (University of Rochester)


8/6 – Webinar: Marketplace Dignity: Designing Experiences that Affirm Consumers’ Worth | Cait Lamberton (University of Pennsylvania)


9/18 – MSI Immersion Conference | New York, NY  

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