September 18, 2024 | New York, NY | Livestream 


MSI 2024 Immersion Workshop: Comparing the Value of Field Experiments and Statistical Models for Strategic Analytics

Save the date for MSI’s annual Immersion Workshop – Wednesday, September 18, 2024. In-Person: 432 Park Ave. So, 4th Floor, NYC | Livestream

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Elevate your marketing expertise at the MSI Immersion Workshop. Engage with industry leaders and marketing scholars in a dynamic exploration of the pros and cons of various techniques and how different methods can be utilized for decision-driven analytics. 


  • Refine your strategic approach and enhance your practical skill set 
  • Acquire advanced insights into the applicability of open-source marketing performance modeling techniques  
  • Explore alternative perspectives and methodologies   
  • Network with leading industry professionals and world-class academics  



  • Mid to senior-level professionals in the marketing and analytics fields.  
  • Marketing Directors and Managers: Individuals who are responsible for strategic decision-making and need to understand the implications of different analytics techniques. 
  • Data Scientists and Analysts: Professionals who apply data models and experiments in their work and can benefit from understanding the comparative advantages and limitations. 
  • Marketing Strategists: Those who are involved in planning and executing marketing campaigns and need to leverage advanced analytics for better outcomes. 
  • Business Intelligence and Performance Measurement Specialists: Experts who focus on measuring and improving marketing performance through various analytical methods. 


The 2024 Immersion Workshop is included in MSI Corporate Membership.

Unable to travel? Contact to register for the streaming option.

The in-person workshop will be held at the Advertising Research Foundation432 Park Ave S., 4th Floor, NYC

Wednesday, September 18, 2024

1:15 pm Registration

1:30 pm Welcome & Opening Remarks

1:45 pm A Debate: Has the value of experiments to measure incrementality been overstated?  

Recent academic work has called into question the “conventional wisdom” that randomized control trials are the gold standard for determining the incremental benefit of discrete marketing activities. True field experiments have always been difficult for firms to execute – especially those conducted outside the confines of a “walled garden”.  But the proponents of RCTs have always argued that they are worth the trouble because only RCTs allow us to make causal claimsA growing school of thought now argues that the benefits of RCTs have been exaggerated Discover what’s behind these concerns and decide for yourself whether state-of-the-art modeling offers an effective alternative for understanding marketing performance. Don’t miss out on this chance to gain invaluable insights and learn when to leverage each technique for maximum impact.   

Key topics include:   

  • Approaches: Evaluating the reliance on experiments versus alternative perspectives 
  • Measurement Discrepancies: Investigating differences between econometric/machine learning (ML) models and randomized experiments, highlighting their respective benefits and problems, emphasizing practical examples and real-world implications.    
  • Research Disparities: Highlighting differences between econometric/ML models and randomized experiment results, raising questions about the predictive validity and real-world business outcomes of these models.     
  • Integration: Discussing how experimentation and data modeling can be combined to create a synergy of techniques 


2:45 pm Networking Break

2:55 pm A Demonstration: Open-Source Marketing Models

A number of new open-source tools now exist to help companies build more robust marketing performance measurement systems. Gain hands-on experience with the latest open-source tools and understand how to apply them to your company’s strategic and marketing problems. Learn how companies can get started on the platform and get answers to questions regarding related software products.  

4:15 pm Onsite Networking Reception

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