Best Practices in Marketing ROI Performance Management

Webinar featuring Michael Cohen, Convertro and Jim Spaeth, Sequent Partners

Today it seems everyone and anyone is collecting and aggregating big data. But that doesn’t mean it’s providing value. The challenge is twofold: first, ensuring sufficient data integrity and second, using sound marketing science to fuel smarter marketing.

The truth is it’s more complex than ever to keep track of the modern consumer. Marketers need to manage a growing number of data points across different people, devices, and marketing channels, from digital and social content to offline interactions and purchases. It can be daunting to stay apace of where consumers are interacting with brands, much less optimize media spend based on what influences their behavior.

Join analytic experts Michael Cohen, Head of Data & Analytics at Convertro, and Jim Spaeth, Partner at Sequent Partners, as they share their findings on current solutions and practices in data-driven ROI performance management.

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