MSI Top Download Award

The MSI Top Download Award is given to authors of the MSI working paper that was most downloaded in its first year of publication. Eligible papers for the 2019 award were issued in 2018.

The award was established and sponsored by Jim and Mittie Figura. Jim Figura was a Colgate- Palmolive Lead Trustee from 1991-2011 and MSI Executive Committee member from 2004-2011.

2019 Winner

p-Hacking and False Discovery in A/B Testing
Ron Berman, Leonid Pekelis, Aisling Scott, and Christophe Van den Bulte

2018 Winner

Social Media’s Impact on Consumer Mindset: When to Use Which Sentiment Extraction Tool?
Raoul V. Kübler, Anatoli Colicev, and Koen Pauwels

2017 Winner

Multichannel Sales Attribution and Media Optimization
Sandy D. Jap and Timothy J. Gilbride (2016)

2016 Winner

A Framework for Understanding and Managing the Customer Experience
Arne De Keyser, Katherine Lemon, Philipp Klaus, and Timothy Keiningham (2015)

2015 Winner

Marketing Return on Investment:Seeking Clarity for Concept and Measurement
Paul W. Farris, Dominique M. Hanssens, James D. Lenskold, and David J. Reibstein (2014)

2014 Winner

Taking the Customer’s Point-of-View: Engagement or Satisfaction?
Bobby J. Calder, Mathew S. Isaac, and Edward C. Malthouse (2013)

2013 Winner

Social Media Intelligence: Measuring Brand Sentiment from Online Conversations
David A. Schweidel, Wendy W. Moe, and Chris Boudreaux (MSI Report No. 12-100)

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