Apr 6, 12:00 AM UTC 


Spring 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting: Customer Experience Beyond the Hype


It’s time to bring rigor and actionability to customer experience and the customer journey. This meeting will offer Trustees new marketing insights and research findings that are relevant across industries and organizational roles. Our speakers—experts in quantitative, behavioral, and strategic domains—will focus on key questions about design, implementation, and measurement of customer experience and customer journeys, when those “customers” may be buyers, shoppers, or consumers.

  • How can the brand come to life wherever it shows up?
  • How can marketers design and map a journey to have actionable takeaways?
  • What are the opportunities for differentiation or disruption?
  • Is a “seamless” experience always the goal, or is some “friction” a good thing?

Presentations will also address the value of customer experience initiatives: How can a “better” customer journey help your company sell more next year? What are the long-term payoffs of customer experience? What are the right metrics? For both marketers and academic researchers, this meeting will offer a deeper understanding of, and frameworks for improving, customers’ end-to-end experience.

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