Feb. 9, 2022 | 11:00 - 11:30 a.m. ET 


MSI Webinar: Moving from Marketing Data deluge to Actionable Insights

Data is critical to making consistently good business decisions. However firms are challenged to manage data from different sources, in various formats, with varying quality & consistency. Hence it is important to build a reliable data foundation to bring together these marketing data sets for timely decisions. Come join us to learn how BIC and Kantar partnered to build a single source of truth to guide the organization on how to drive business growth and capitalize on new opportunities.



  • Prasad Polur, Global Head of Market, Consumer Insights & Analytics, BIC
  • Amanpreet Soin, Vice President, Analytics Practice, Kantar
  • Adil Pereira, Partner, Analytics Practice, Kantar


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Prasad Polur is global head of market, consumer insights & analytics at BIC responsible for establishing insights & analytics COE to propel consumer centric, data-driven business outcomes to support business strategy, innovation & commercialization across stationery and shaver business. He is an insights & Innovation leader with over 18 years of multi-disciplinary experience and business leadership across CPG industry. Prior to BIC, Prasad held global leadership roles at Unilever focused on consumer/shopper insights, business strategy, innovation and analytics for skin care, skin cleansing and hair care categories. Prior to that, Prasad held research leadership roles at PepsiCo and Altria.

Aman leads the Data Strategy and Engineering pillar within Kantar’s Analytics Practice. Aman’s team is responsible for helping clients get more value out of their data through a combination of Data Engineering, Data Visualization and Smart Analytics. Aman helped develop Kantar’s Data Engineering platform Olympus which if focused on the integration of different types of Marketing data & helps automate several Data Engineering tasks. Aman has over 16 years of experience in data & analytics space with a strong focus within the CPG Industry. Aman is passionate about delivering actionable solutions to clients. Aman is based out of Connecticut and a huge Formula one motorsport fan.

Adil is part of the Data Strategy & Engineering team at Kantar. He has worked for 16+ years across Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Technology, Finance & Retail. Adil has helped clients extract value from their data and make impactful business decisions. Adil lives in Connecticut and enjoys following Mixed Martial Arts & Formula 1 motorsports, too!

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