Top 5 in 2019

December 18, 2019

What was most popular with our members in 2019?

  1. The 4 Minds of the Customer: A Framework for Understanding and Applying the Science of Decision Making by Ryan Hamilton and Uma R. Karmarkar
  2. AI, IoT, and the Future of MR by Earl Taylor
  3. Measuring Customer Experiences: A Text-Based and Pictorial Scale by Markus Gahler, Jan F. Klein, and Michael Paul
  4. Journal Must-Reads from Academic Fellow Peter Verhoef Selected from the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, and Journal of Marketing Research
  5. Trade-offs in Online Advertising: Advertising Effectiveness and Annoyance Dynamics across the Purchase Funnel by Vilma Todri, Anindya Ghose, and Param Vir Singh

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