2022 MSI Scholars Announced

November 4, 2022

MSI is delighted to announce the 2022 class of MSI Scholars, a group of 35 mid-career faculty who will convene for a January 3rd – January 6th retreat in Charleston, South Carolina.

The MSI initiative was developed to recognize excellence in marketing scholarship, develop a cohort across marketing disciplines, and strengthen ties between scholars and MSI. “The 2023 MSI Scholars will directly help us advance our initiatives around the 2022-24 MSI Research Priorities,” said Executive Director John Lynch. “The MSI Scholars are among the most prominent marketing scholars in the world. We look forward to working with them to set the agenda for the field and to advance collaborations of our academic and industry members to solve the most pressing problems facing marketers today.”

2022 MSI Scholars:

Simon Blanchard (Georgetown University) 
Bryan Bollinger (New York University) 
Doug Chung (University of Texas at Austin) 
Cynthia Cryder (Washington University in St. Louis) 
Keisha Cutright (Duke University) 
Elea Feit (Drexel University) 
Daniel Fernandes (Catholic University of Portugal) 
Philip Fernbach (University of Colorado at Boulder) 
Frank Germann (University of Notre Dame) 
Henrik Hagtvedt (Boston College) 
Szu-chi Huang (Stanford University) 
Baojun Jiang (WashingtonUniversityin St. Louis) 
Leslie John (Harvard University) 
Son Lam (University of Georgia) 
Brent McFerran (Simon Fraser University) 
Blakeley McShane (Northwestern University) 
Ravi Mehta (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 
Cassie Mogilner (UCLA) 
Nailya Ordabayeva (Dartmouth College) 
Neeru Paharia (Arizona State University) 
Anita Rao (Georgetown University) 
Alok Saboo (Georgia State University) 
Navdeep Sahni (Stanford University) 
Adriana Samper (Arizona State University) 
Maura Scott (Florida State University) 
Stephan Seiler (Imperial College London) 
Bradley Shapiro (University of Chicago) 
Stephen Spiller (UCLA) 
Abigail Sussman (University of Chicago) 
Seshadri Tirunillai (University of Houston) 
Caleb Warren (University of Arizona) 
Song Yao (Washington University in St. Louis) 
Pinar Yildirim (University of Pennsylvania) 
Georgios Zervas (Boston University) 
Yi Zhu (University of Minnesota)  

The MSI Scholars Conference builds on the success of MSI’s biennial Young Scholars Program, launched in 2001. Both initiatives strengthen ties with marketing academics at important points in their careers, encouraging and cultivating rigorous research that has significant potential to influence and enhance marketing practice. 

The call for applications to the 2023 Scholars Conference drew 72 highly qualified applications. Lynch said, “I am particularly grateful to our Scholars Committee – Barbara Kahn, Christine Moorman, Oded Netzer, and K. Sudhir – who devoted a great deal of time and expertise to select our class of Scholars.”

2022 MSI Scholars Committee:

Barbara Kahn (University of Pennsylvania)
Christine Moorman (Duke University)
Oded Netzer (Columbia University)
K. Sudhir (Yale University)

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