URM Scholars in Marketing

We hope to serve as a resource to help with goal of diversifying the field of marketing. Below, you will find a list of talented underrepresented minority marketing scholars who would make great seminar speakers, panelists, editorial board members, reviewers, research collaborators, or colleagues.

This list includes a wide range of expertise and affiliations. Please feel free to reach out directly to the scholars via the information on the list, or MSI would be happy to make an introduction.

Marketing scholars of Black/African-American, Hispanic/Latino/a, and Native American backgrounds:

We want to support you in any way we can. This list will be periodically shared with editors, deans, and department chairs. If you’d like to join the list, please reach out to Sherry@msi.org to add your information.


A special thank you to the marketing scholars who started this initiative: Aaron Barnes, Wendy De La Rosa, Aziza Jones, Erick Mas, Broderick Turner, Esther Uduehi, Kalinda Ukanwa, and Jared Watson.

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