Getting Beyond the Obvious: Finding Real Insight in a World Overflowing with Data

Liam Fahey, Partner, The Leadership Forum

Aug 22, 2019

In a world awash in data, why do marketers find it so hard to identify truly significant new insights about how their markets are changing and what it will take to win in the future? If you’re interested in reaching more “aha!” insights that can dramatically affect your marketing strategy, join this Lunch Lecture @ MSI led by Liam Fahey, a globally recognized strategy and market intelligence expert, who will share techniques from his latest book “The Insight Discipline: Crafting New Marketplace Understanding that Makes a Difference”. In this interactive session, Liam Fahey will outline an innovative process that can help your organization develop a richer understanding of your marketplace, leading to more effective strategies and action plans. He’ll identify some of the most common roadblocks to fresh thinking and will help you better address the “so what?” question about any analysis.

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