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Online Access to Original Research and Curated Content

MSI funds research based on topics identified by members. Our working paper series features research typically 1-2 years before the major academic journals, giving members early access to rigorous new research. Additionally, members have free access to a large library of conference summaries and presentations, articles, videos and our members-only newsletter, Insights from MSI.

Members can also reach out to MSI for curated content and frameworks to help get started on a project, or for connections to subject matter experts for help addressing business challenges.

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Knowledge Sharing Events

MSI members receive invitations to conferences and workshops where academics offer a first look at new research findings and marketers share their knowledge and experiences. Open only to members, MSI events are small and offer opportunities to develop relationships with scholars and peers from other companies. “Selling” does not take place at MSI events.


Expert Network

One of the greatest benefits of MSI membership is the opportunity to tap into the expertise of leading academics and top executives. Members can interact informally at conferences and other events, and through facilitated exchanges. MSI also provides virtual introductions to other members who share their areas of interest.

Through this high-powered network, members can get expert, unbiased advice from academics and from their peers. There are also opportunities for deeper interactions, such as bringing academics into your organization to help, providing access to data for academic research, offering feedback on new research initiatives, and funding new research competitions.

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The MSI Community

MSI is a dynamic community of intellectually-curious practitioners and practically-minded academics, committed to advancing the field of marketing. Academics are affiliated with MSI throughout their careers, and many are true “stars” in the field, coming from the world’s top business schools, impacting marketing practice and theory in new and creative ways. Likewise, MSI corporate members are forward-thinking global companies from a wide range of industries, including long-time sponsors from established companies and new companies pioneering innovative business models.