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As a nonprofit organization, MSI offers an unbiased platform for scientific research and application of findings. We provide a sales-free environment for leaders in business and academia to create new knowledge and optimize business performance for sustainable growth.

What can you do as a member?


with leading marketing scientists, build a network, and pressure-test ideas on a trusted platform.


your team(s)' performance with an independent source of new knowledge and evidence-based insights.


the resources and connections you need. Tap into new talent, experience and infuse new insights within your organization.


your thought leadership through engagement and collaboration with leading academic researchers.

Connect with the best


Leaders in academia and industry address members’ most pressing question in monthly virtual meetings.

Expert Directory

Access to MSI’s global network of marketing scholars and qualified research partners is an exclusive benefit offered to all Affiliates. These recognized experts – whose knowledge spans all marketing issues – have proven interest in working with companies to help solve real-world problems.


Our signature annual event for marketing’s senior-most leaders offers deep learning and peer-to-peer sharing.

Accelerate learning and performance

Marketing Science Accelerator

The Marketing Science Accelerator brings together 60 high-potential marketers from across the globe who are nominated by MSI member company leaders.

Member portal to specialized content

Members-only access to top-line findings and summaries of new research, curated readings and commentary, and presentation slide decks.


In our webinar series, academics and industry experts present the latest in marketing research, available live or on-demand.

Access reliable resources

Help with member questions

We’re here to help. Contact us with your questions and we’ll help you make the connection to the right resources and expertise.

Discussion board

Connect with other members for advice, recommendations, and job openings.

Demonstrate thought leadership

Opportunities for research collaboration

Members can work with MSI to facilitate exclusive collaborations with top academics, including data initiatives, field experiments, and research projects.


MSI offers selected opportunities for corporate members to sponsor programming and events.

Support of marketing research

A portion of membership fees enable MSI to support and disseminate academic research, host events for top scholars and recognize top research (and researchers) through prestigious awards.

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