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Five Vital Drivers of Brand Success – Lessons from the BrandZ Top100 Most Valuable Global Brands

The world’s most valuable brands have outperformed S&P 500 stock price by 200% and have grown five times faster than the Morgan Stanley Capital Index (MSCI) over the past 10 years. In fact, 48 of BrandZ™ Top100 brands in 2006 have dropped out of the ranking and been replaced by these faster-moving disruptive brands. Doreen Wang will discuss the key findings gathered from BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Brands over the past 10 years. Drawing on the BrandZ™ database (with information from over two million consumers in 50 country markets), she will discuss global trends in brand building, drivers behind the brands’ value growth, and important brand-building implications for the next decade. Her presentation will address these questions: Who are the world’s most valuable brands? How does BrandZ™ value brands? What are the drivers behind their value growth over the past 10 years? How have the global consumers’ attitudes, behavior, and shopping habits changed? What are the brand-building action points in the future?

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Doreen Wang, Millward Brown

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Aug 22, 12:00 AM UTC | Online

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