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The Organic Growth Playbook

Most conventional approaches to spurring growth focus on creating a favorable, differentiated impression of the company’s products in the minds of customers. The problem is that it’s not a reliable formula for faster growth. In this step-by-step guide, Bernie Jaworski and Bob Lurie offer a novel approach to the most pressing and perennial challenge they face – organic growth. At the heart of their method are two simple but profound insights that reframe how managers should approach the challenge of growth. First, they show why companies must shift the focus from products and solutions to the entirety of the customer’s purchase process to identify the few, high-yield customer behaviors that truly drive growth. Second, they demonstrate how growth comes not from creating or owning a differentiated positioning in customers’ minds but from changing their behaviors at key stages in the buying process. Drawing on many years of work with clients and colleagues to hone and apply these insights, the authors provide an engaging and detailed exposition of the methods and tools teams can use to accelerate the growth of both new and existing products – in most cases, by a factor of 1.5-2.0x or more.

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Bernard J. Jaworski, Claremont Graduate University & Robert S. Lurie, Eastman Chemical

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