Oct 23, 1:00 PM UTC 

| Online


How Vigilant Marketers Keep Their Companies Ahead

When turbulence is the new normal, vigilant organizations stay ahead of the pack by anticipating threats, spotting opportunities sooner and acting faster when the time is right. This Lunch Lecture will reveal how and why these vigilant organizations have an advantage over their vulnerable rivals who often miss the early signals.

An essential ingredient of vigilance is an effective and credible marketing leader with an informed outside in perspective on strategic issues. We’ll learn from successes like Adobe and Mastercard about the role of marketing in detecting weak signals, separating them from background noise, and then acting wisely with probe-and-learn studies and rapid experiments that create a portfolio of real options.

The Lunch Lecture will conclude with a proven agenda for assessing the vigilance quotient of an organization, and then cultivating foresight and insight throughout the organization.


George Day, University of Pennsylvania

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Oct 23, 1:00 PM UTC | Online

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