Mar 30, 1:00 PM EDT 


Metrics for Innovation & New Product Development

Innovation is important for business success. Metrics are important for business success. But what is the current state of knowledge and practice with respect to integrating metrics into a company’s innovation processes?

Innovation management researchers have proposed a plethora of metrics for measuring the innovation process. However, innovation management practitioners appear to record and report only a tiny subset of these metrics. Often, those metrics that are used tend to focus on past performance rather than be useful for evaluating future innovation performance. Moreover, outside analysts appear to be interested in only a narrow subset of innovation metrics. As a result, firms may not be learning all they can from carefully measuring successes and failures resulting from their innovation activities.

In this roundtable workshop session, we will bring together the most comprehensive academic thinking on innovation metrics with state-of-the-art practitioners sharing their insights on and applications of innovation metrics.

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Peter N. Golder

Dartmouth College

Peter Golder is Professor of Marketing at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. His research on market entry timing, new products, long-term market leadership, and quality has won more than 10 best paper or best book awards including several of the most prestigious awards in the marketing discipline. His research has also been featured in numerous mass-media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Economist, and Advertising Age.


Hans-Willi Schroiff

Hans-Willi Schroiff is a Marketing and Market Research academic and practitioner with more than 30 years of academic and business experience. A former Corporate Vice President at Henkel KGaA, he is the founder and CEO of MindChainge – a Düsseldorf-based consulting firm, supporting clients successfully on consumer-centric new product development. Since 1999  he has been a faculty member, visiting professor, and lecturer at schools like a RWTH Aachen, Tuck School of Business, European Business School (EBS) at Oestrich-Winkel,  Harvard Business School, INSEAD Fontainebleau, the Wharton Business School, and the London Business School.

Pre-Workshop Questions:

  1. Does your company use metrics in its new product/service development process?
  2. If so, what are those metrics? Please list all that you use.
  3. Are all of these metrics tracked for every new product/service development project?
  4. If not, which metrics are tracked most frequently?
  5. Which metrics (if any) are reported to senior management and how frequently are they reported?
  6. Which metrics (if any) are reported to external audiences (e.g., financial analysts, stockholders) and how frequently are they reported?

Who Will Be There

Design_Accelerator_Woman Writing_Alison Smith

Innovation Leaders

Innovation, NPD, and research leaders with hands on experience on the topic ready to learn and share.

Leading Brands

As an attendee, you will join an exclusive gathering of top B2B and B2C brands.

Academic Experts

Academic experts doing cutting-edge research ready to collaborate with industry.

Top Speakers

Can’t miss speakers that you haven’t heard at other industry events.

What Makes This Event Different


This virtual event takes a considered approach to use of your time with short, interactive formats.


Presentation topics have been curated by our member companies to ensure that we are focusing on your most important issues and questions.


MSI events are deliberately small, giving you time to hear from all of the speakers and attendees.


No pay-to-play. We pick speakers based on their expertise, ensuring you have the best content and not a sales pitch

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