Oct 16, 1:00 PM UTC 

| Online


Triggering Behavioral Change: How to Make (and Break) Consumer Habits

​While many marketing strategies are centered around the careful consideration and comparison of products, consumers often choose automatically – without thoughtful evaluation. These routinized patterns of consumption (and purchase) are largely driven by nonconscious triggers (or cues) that drive us to behave in ways that have benefited us in the past.

In this webinar, Jesse Itzkowitz will review how conscious behaviors become automatic. Then, using the Ipsos Habits Framework and best-in-class examples, he will show you how to create strong triggers that initiate automatic behavior and how to create powerful rewards to encourage repeated and routinized consumption after initial product use. The webinar will conclude with a framework for researching the key elements of consumer habits.

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Jesse Itzkowitz, Vice President - Behavioral Science Center, Ipsos

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Oct 16, 1:00 PM UTC | Online

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