September 20-22 



Attend and understand critical audience measurement issues better and how they impact you. Topics include: the future of addressable TV, the proximity of true cross-platform measurement, the promise of virtual ID solutions and how brands are building audiences and developing trust with consumers?

The pace of disruption to audience analytics was already dizzying, but the COVID-19 pandemic added another dimension. Consumer behaviors shifted rapidly and unexpectedly, leaving marketers uncertain about how to deal with their attribution models.

What behaviors will stick and which ones will fade? In the quest to quantify marketing results, how do future solutions like virtual IDs fare? The TV ad market is evolving, begging more questions about the future of addressable TV. Audio is undergoing a rebirth – how should marketers plan their investments?

Many believe that true cross-platform measurement is not only attainable but close at hand. From among the variety of methods currently proposed, which ones hold the most promise, and why? As the tension between data access and privacy protection deepens, how are companies building audiences and developing trust?

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