About MSI

About the Marketing Science Institute

MSI is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1961 to bring the best of science to the complex world of marketing. Today, MSI is unique as the only research-based organization with an extensive network of marketing academics from the best business schools world-wide, and marketers from 60+ leading global companies. MSI funds academic research and promotes its practical application with the aim of advancing marketing knowledge. Through access to high-quality events and activities, cutting-edge content, and stimulating networking opportunities, MSI members stay on the forefront of marketing thought and practice.

MSI corporate members come from many different organizational functions, including marketing, market research, marketing science, data analytics, insights, marketing communications, market intelligence, strategy, business development, innovation/new product development and brand management. What our members have in common is intellectual curiosity, and a genuine interest in expanding their knowledge. Many have advanced degrees in marketing, psychology, sociology, engineering, economics, and related fields, and value their involvement with MSI as a way to continue to grow and learn from academic experts and peers from other companies.

All employees of MSI member companies have access to the resources provided by MSI:

Original Research and Curated Content

MSI funds rigorous research on marketing topics identified by members. Our working paper series present research findings typically 1-2 years before publication in the major academic journals, giving members early access to rigorous new research. They also have free access to a large library of conference summaries and presentations, articles, videos, and our members-only newsletter, Insights from MSI. Members can reach out to MSI for curated content and frameworks to help get started on projects, and for connections to subject matter experts for help addressing business challenges.

Knowledge Sharing Events

Members are invited to conferences and workshops where academics offer a first look at new research findings and marketers share their knowledge and experiences. Open only to members, MSI events are small, offering many opportunities for one-on-one interactions with scholars and peers from other companies. “Selling” does not take place at MSI events.

Expert Network

One of the greatest benefits of MSI membership is the opportunity to tap into the expertise of academics and top executives. Members interact both informally at conferences and other events, and through facilitated exchanges. Members write with specific questions, and receive advice from peers and academics. Through this high-powered network, members have unique and unparalleled access to expert, unbiased advice.

Become an MSI Member

Although the membership is open across the organization, member companies appoint up to eight Trustees who serve as the primary link between MSI and others in their company. Trustees (or their delegates) are invited to attend Spring and Fall Trustees meetings at no cost and vote on MSI’s Research Priorities.

Membership inquiries should be directed to Earl Taylor, Chief Knowledge Officer and Scott Beatty, Director of Member Development.

Interested in learning more? We’d be happy to connect you to a member of MSI to hear more about how they make the most of their membership.