Sep 30, 1:00 PM EDT 


Your Data and Systems are Junk: Strategies for Managing Data and Tech Stacks

How can marketers operate strategically in a martech environment of shiny new objects and information overload? Based on award-winning research in marketing analytics, Carl Mela will present strategic approaches and frameworks for managing data and tech stacks. Brian Cooper will offer tactical applications, describing how Juniper deployed these learnings across demand generation, marketing analytics, and data science teams. Together in this dialogue, they will outline strategies to cut through this fog so you can master your martech so it doesn’t master you.   This new series unleashes the power of academic research to provide the right answers to the tough questions industries are grappling with. In each hour long video session, a professor and an industry leader will discuss the pressing challenges facing industries in today’s difficult environment. The academic will share the latest research on topics like disruption, branding, and analytics. Then their industry counterpart will talk about how to apply these concepts and frameworks to help facilitate better marketing decisions. Corporate members will be invited to share insights and ask questions in these live, interactive Zoom sessions.

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