How to Market the Consumer IoT: Focus on Experience

Webinar featuring Donna Hoffman and Thomas Novak, George Washington University

Mar 1, 2017

[Webinar starts at 2:05] While consumer experience (CX) has to date focused on products, brands and marketing environments, the consumer Internet of Things (IoT) presents new opportunities for interaction that has the potential to revolutionize consumer experience. Because consumers can actively interact with smart objects, and smart objects possess their own point of view and their own experience in interaction with consumers and with each other, the traditional, human-centric conceptualization of consumer experience as consumer’s internal subjective responses to branded objects may not be sufficient to conceptualize consumer experience in the IoT. In this presentation, Donna Hoffman and Tom Novak will present a new framework that details how consumer experience and object experience in the IoT emerge and discuss actionable insights derived from their framework that can guide marketer action in the early stages of adoption and usage of consumer IoT devices that comprise the smart home and related applications.

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