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Robert D. Buzzell MSI Best Paper Award

The MSI Best Paper Award was instituted in 1993 to honor the authors of the MSI working papers that have made the most significant contribution to marketing practice and thought. It also serves to signal the kind of writing and research that is of lasting value to corporate marketing executives. Each year the award is given for the best MSI paper issued during the calendar year two years previous. This delay exists to allow sufficient time to assess the impact of each paper on the field of marketing.

Using a two-stage process, an advisory panel of current and past executive directors and academic trustees nominates four to six papers for the award. Criteria for the nomination process include quality of the conceptual framework, quality of the support for the framework, potential impact on MSI companies, and potential impact on subsequent academic research. The Awards Committee then solicits and reviews member input to select the winning paper.

In 2002, the award was renamed the Robert D. Buzzell MSI Best Paper Award to honor the contributions of Professor Robert Buzzell, who had a long-standing association with the Marketing Science Institute, and served as Executive Director from 1968-72.


The 4 Minds of the Customer: A Framework for Understanding and Applying the Science of Decision Making
Ryan Hamilton and Uma R. Karmarkar 
Working Paper, MSI Report No. 17-109



The Dark Side of Big Data’s Effect on Firm Performance
Kelly D. Martin, Abhishek Borah, and Robert W. Palmatier
Working Paper, MSI Report No. 16-104



When and How Does Board-Level Marketing Experience Impact Firm Performance?
by Kimberly A. Whitler, Ryan Krause, and Donald R. Lehmann
Working Paper, MSI Report No. 15-109



Consequences of Customer Engagement: How Customer Engagement Alters the Effects of Habit-, Dependence-, and Relationship-Based Intrinsic Loyalty
by Conor Henderson, Lena Steinhoff, and Robert Palmatier
Working Paper, MSI Report No. 14-121



Do Online Behavior Tracking or Attitude Survey Metrics Drive Brand Sales? An Integrative Model of Attitudes and Actions on the Consumer Boulevard
by Koen Pauwels and Bernadette van Ewijk
Working Paper, MSI Report No. 13-118



Social Media Intelligence: Measuring Brand Sentiment from Online Conversations
by David A. Schweidel, Wendy W. Moe, and Chris Boudreaux
Working Paper, MSI Report No. 12-100



Distinguishing among Mechanisms of Social Contagion in New Product Adoption: Framework and Illustration
by Raghuram Iyengar, Christophe Van den Bulte, and Jeonghye Choi
Working Paper, MSI Report No. 11-119



The Impact of Brand Equity on Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Profit Margin
by Florian Stahl, Mark Heitmann, Donald R. Lehmann, and Scott A. Neslin
Working Paper, MSI Report No. 10-116



Assessing the Total Financial Performance Impact of Marketing Assets with Limited Time-series Data: A Method and an Application to Brand Equity Research
by Natalie Mizik
Working Paper, MSI Report No. 09-116



Expanding the Role of Marketing: From Customer Equity to Market Capitalization
by V. Kumar and Denish Shah
Working Paper, MSI Report No. 08-113



As Time Goes By: Warm Intentions and Cold Feet for Really New versus Incrementally New Products
David Alexander, John Lynch, and Qing Wang
Working Paper, MSI Report No. 07-112



Creating a Market Orientation: A Longitudinal, Multifirm, Grounded Analysis of Cultural Transformation
Gary F. Gebhardt, Gregory S. Carpenter, and John F. Sherry, Jr.
Working Paper, MSI Report No. 06-107



Aligning the Organization with the Market
George S. Day
Working Paper, MSI report No. 05-110

Customer Perceptions of Product Quality: A Longitudinal Study
Debanjan Mitra and Peter N. Golder
Working Paper, MSI report No. 05-120



Advertising Spending and Market Capitalization
Amit Joshi and Dominique M. Hanssens
Working Paper, MSI report No. 04-110



Can Marketing Regain Its Seat at the Table?
Frederick E. Webster, Jr., Alan J. Malter, and Shankar Ganesan
Working Paper, MSI report No. 03-113

Branding Strategy and the Intangible Value of the Firm
Vithala R. Rao, Manoj K. Agarwal, and Denise Dahlhoff
Working Paper, MSI report no. 03-126



What Is the True Value of a Lost Customer?
John E. Hogan, Katherine N. Lemon, and Barak Libai
Working Paper, MSI report no. 02-108


Driving Customer Equity: Linking Customer Lifetime Value to Strategic Marketing Decisions
Roland T. Rust, Katherine N. Lemon, and Valarie A. Zeithaml
Working Paper, MSI report no. 01-108

Valuing Customers
Sunil Gupta, Donald R. Lehmann, and Jennifer Ames Stuart
Working Paper, MSI report no. 01-119



Getting Returns from Service Quality: Is the Conventional Wisdom Wrong?
Roland T. Rust, Christine Moorman, and Peter R. Dickson
Working Paper, MSI report no. 00-120



Electronic Shopping for Wine: How Search Costs Affect Consumer Price Sensitivity, Satisfaction with Merchandise, and Retention
John G. Lynch, Jr. and Dan Ariely
Working Paper, MSI report no. 99-104

The Primacy of the Idea Itself as a Predictor of New Product Success
Jacob Goldenberg, Donald R. Lehmann, and David Mazursky
Working Paper, MSI report no. 99-110



Managing Advertising and Promotion for Long-run Profitability
Kamel Jedidi, Carl F. Mela, and Sunil Gupta
Working Paper, MSI report no. 98-132



Market-based Assets and Shareholder Value:
A Framework for Analysis

Rajendra K. Srivastava, Tasadduq A. Shervani, and Liam Fahey
Working Paper, MSI report no. 97-119



The Long-Term Impact of Promotion and Advertising on Consumer Brand Choice
Carl F. Mela, Sunil Gupta, and Donald R. Lehmann
Working Paper, MSI report no. 96-127



Modeling and Measuring Product Development Cycle Time Across Industries
Abbie Griffin
Working Paper, MSI report no. 95-117



Market Oriented Isn't Enough Build a Learning Organization
Stanley F. Slater and John C. Narver
Commentary, MSI report no. 94-103



The Capabilities of Market-Driven Organizations
George S. Day
Commentary, MSI report 93-123



Do Pioneers Really Have Long-Term Advantages?
A Historical Analysis

by Peter N. Golder and Gerard J. Tellis
Working Paper, MSI report no. 92-124



The Changing Role of Marketing in the Corporation
by Frederick E. Webster
Commentary, MSI report no. 91-127

Learning About Markets
by George S. Day
Commentary, MSI report no. 91-117