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Clayton Dissertation Proposal Competition

Established in 1984 in honor of MSI president Alden G. Clayton, this competition recognizes marketing doctoral students who are working on research questions with important marketing, societal, and policy implications. Each year, MSI grants up to five awards and five honorable mentions, encouraging top-notch Ph.D. students to apply rigorous research methods to questions that have real business relevance.

2018 Winners

Dafna Goor (Harvard University)
Tesary Lin (University of Chicago)

2017 Winners

Robert E. Sanders (University of Chicago)
Artem Timoshenko (MIT)

2016 Winners

Zhuping Liu (University of Texas at Austin)
Daniel McCarthy (University of Pennsylvania)
Navid Mojir, (Yale School of Management)

2015 Winners

Mahdi Ebrahimi (University of Houston)
Beth Fossen (Emory University)
Max Nohe (Tilburg University)

2014 Winners

Xiao Liu (Carnegie Mellon University)
Adelle X. Yang (University of Chicago)

2013 Winners

Jonathan Berman (University of Pennsylvania)
Clarence Lee (Harvard Business School)
Hongshuang (Alice) Li (University of Maryland)
Adithya Pattabhiramaiah (University of Michigan)

2012 Winners

Jayson S. Jia (Stanford University)

2011 Winners

Cristina Nistor (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

2010 Winners

Kelly B. Herd (University of Colorado, Boulder)

2009 Winners

Jeffrey Meyer (Texas A&M University)
Dante Pirouz (University of California, Irvine)

2008 Winners

Sumon Datta (Yale University)
Andrew T. Stephen (Columbia University)
Botao Yang (University of Toronto)
Hema Yoganarasimhan (Yale University)

2007 Winners

Zsolt Katona (INSEAD)

2006 Winners

Brett R. Gordon (Carnegie Mellon University)
Michael Trusov (UCLA)

2005 Winners

Xiaojing Dong (Northwestern University)
Benjamin Kartono (Cornell University)

2004 Winners

Sarit Moldovan (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Sangyoung Song (University of Pennsylvania)
Debora Viana Thompson (University of Maryland)

2003 Winners

Simona Botti (University of Chicago)
Rex Du (Duke University)

2002 Winners

Sangkil Moon (University of Iowa)
Kristin Rotte (University of Cincinnati)

2001 Winners

Rajkumar Venkatesan (University of Houston)

2000 Winners

Pankaj Aggarwal (University of Chicago)
Julien Cayla (University of Colorado)
Jaihak Chung (Cornell University)
Detlev Zwick (University of Rhode Island)

1999 Winners

Michael Lewis (Northwestern University)
Wendy Moe (University of Pennsylvania)

1998 Winners

Kalyani Menon (McGill University)
Erica M. Okada (University of Pennsylvania)

1997 Winners

J. Chris White (Texas A&M University)

1996 Winners

George S. Babbes (University of California, Berkeley)
Nancy Buchan (University of Pennsylvania)

1995 Winners

Rajesh K. Chandy (University of Southern California)
Sean A. Meehan (London Business School)
Miklos Sarvary (INSEAD)
Jorge M. Silva-Risso (University of California, Los Angeles)
Ronald T. Wilcox (Washington University)

1994 Winners

David R. Bell (Stanford University)
John T. Gourville (University of Chicago)
Yong-Soon Kang (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Satya Menon (University of Pennsylvania)
Vonda Powell (University of Illinois)

1993 Winners

Nadine M. Castellano (University of Iowa)
Jennifer Gregan-Paxton (University of Minnesota)
Sandy Jap (University of Florida)
John Matthews (Harvard University)

1992 Winners

Jonathan D. Hibbard (Northwestern University)
John W. Mullins (University of Minnesota)
Duncan Simester (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Gordon S. Swartz (Harvard University)

1991 Winners

Alexandra Campbell (University of Toronto) Rosemary Kalapurakal (Ohio State University) Vicki Morwitz (University of Pennsylvania) Mehmet Pasa (University of Chicago) John Walsh (Cornell University)

1990 Winners

João Assunção (University of California, Los Angeles)
Irene Raj Foster (Indiana University)
J. Jeffrey Inman (University of Texas at Austin)
John J. Sailors (Northwestern University)

1989 Winners

Pradeep K. Chintagunta (Northwestern University)
Donna Green (University of Western Ontario)
Nirmalya Kumar Northwestern University)
Jakki Mohr (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Brian Wansink (Stanford University)

1988 Winners

Helen H. Anderson (Duke University)
Marcia K. Armstrong (University of Texas, Dallas)
Laura Peracchio (Northwestern University)
Emine Sarigollu (University of Pennsylvania)

1987 Winners

Randolph E. Bucklin (Stanford University)
Cornelia A.R. Pechmann (Vanderbilt University)

1986 Winners

Eduardo G. Camargo (Northwestern University)
Howard Marmorstein (University of Florida)
Allen Weiss (University of Wisconsin)
Lauren K. Wright (The Pennsylvania State University)

1985 Winners

Sunil Gupta (Columbia University)
Durairaj Maheswaran (Northwestern University)
S. Ram (University of Illinois)

1984 Winners

Wendy Bryce (University of Washington)
Kevin Lane Keller (Duke University)