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2.2. Optimizing Media Strategy

A profusion of media (including cable cutting) has led to increased diffusion in reach and a multitude of options for advertising outlets. Little insight exists to address these concerns.

Tier 1

  • What approach should be used to develop automated/ programmatic campaigns real time with data?
  • How can one employ artificial intelligence (AI) for better advertising (and customer) engagement?
  • What is the right balance of digital and legacy (traditional media) investment?
  • What is the impact of the transition of TV to digital on advertising? How should the evolving advertising markets affect ad procurement and distribution?
  • As media become increasingly fragmented, how should one maintain reach?
  • Is it possible to “micro-optimize” spend to the exposure level?


Tier 2

  • What factors should influence the choice of the advertising platform (in the display and search markets)?
  • What are the key programmatic decisions to make and how should they be made?
  • What is the effect of cord cutting, ad blocking and walled gardens (e.g., on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat) on media strategy?