Research Resources

2.1. Defining the Communication Message

With customer-level exposure data linked to purchase response, it is becoming increasingly possible to measure the effect of content and adapt campaigns accordingly. With this in mind, several questions present:

Tier 1

  • What is the ideal creative in a digital world?
  • How should campaigns and messages (e.g., branding) be integrated across platforms and devices?
  • What approaches exist to be more nimble and agile (even automated) in creating and deploying campaigns?


Tier 2

  • How should the communication message vary across the conversion funnel and communication channels?
  • Can firms ensure brand safety (not advertising on controversial sites) amidst proliferating sites, automated buying, and advertising markets?
  • How should advertising be linked to the content and context in which it appears?
  • How should advertising design differ across formats (e.g., text and video)?