Research Resources

Overview of the process

The development of the 2018-2020 research priorities followed a multi-stage process conducted in the fall and winter of 2017-2018.

First, we distributed an open-ended survey at the Fall 2017 MSI Trustee Meeting to solicit member suggestions pertaining to priorities. 

Second, we conducted in-depth interviews with numerous members to collect additional suggestions and perspectives. 

Third, via e-mail, we invited all member company Trustees, and current and past Academic Trustees, Executive Directors and Young Scholars to identify pressing marketing challenges and critical issues for the future.

Fourth, we synthesized all this information to create a ballot which was sent to all the Trustees. We asked Trustees to evaluate the relative importance of these broad topics that had been identified in discussions with our member companies.

Fifth, we summarized and organized this feedback via the preceding document.

These resulting priorities enable the Marketing Science Institute to engage in its most critical mission: aligning marketing science and practice in order to create materially better outcomes for marketers and the customers they serve.