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How to use these priorities

Member companies:

Please let us know what would be most helpful to you in bringing these priorities “to life.”

  • Would you like to see a new knowledge generation initiative? A small focused workshop?
  • A hands-on learning opportunity?
  • An entire Trustees meeting?
  • A topical conference?
  • A research competition?
  • Collaborating with academic scholars to help gain new insights?
  • What would be most helpful to you in helping your organization address these pressing marketing challenges?

Academic scholars:

Please consider focusing your research efforts on these important issues. For the 2016–2018 research priorities,

  • MSI is looking forward to funding research on these topics.
  • We are also interested in potential research competitions and new knowledge generation initiatives in each of these areas.
  • We hope to foster collaborations between our member companies and scholars working on these topics.
  • As knowledge emerges, we expect to hold focused conferences and workshops on these topics, and it would be great to see special issues of journals focused on these topics as well.
  • MSI welcomes your working papers, whether or not we have funded the research. MSI is also very interested in articles that synthesize our knowledge and understanding in these key areas.
  • We are particularly interested in multidisciplinary research, and we are open to researchers from outside of marketing working on these important topics.
  • Please think of MSI as a partner and collaborator in your research efforts to move the needle forward on these key issues.

For those issues “on the horizon”, MSI is very interested in conceptual thinking and “early
insights” in these emerging areas. We clearly expect that some of these issues may become
research priorities in the future, and we see this as an opportunity to gain some glimpses of what’s coming.

For more information on receiving support from MSI and collaborating with MSI, please visit Obtain Research Support or contact

2016-2018 Research Priorities