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Capturing Information to Fuel Growth

With the explosion of big data, and recognizing that the data imply insights, it follows that there exists the potential for an explosion in customer and firm insights. There remains a large gap between that potential and the state of the art, and MSI seeks to help close this gap.

4.1. Painting a 360-degree/Holistic View of the Customer

4.2. What Key Performance Indices (KPIs)/Metrics Should Be Measured and How?

4.3. Assessing Causality

4.4. Approaches to Ingesting and Analyzing Data to Drive Marketing Insights

“Connecting the consumer/customer decision process/journey to the ‘moments’ of the data that arise at each step.”

“[We need to be] able to use predictive modeling to identify when shifts in shopping behavior are most likely to occur, and estimate the direction, magnitude and duration of these shifts.”

“Practical approaches to conducting inference with modern machine learning algorithms applied to large databases.”


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