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Understanding, Measuring, and Managing Shoppability

In a competitive and cluttered retail context, there are many cases where the organization, presentation, and pricing of products make it difficult for shoppers to find what they’re looking for, and limit the consideration of potentially relevant brands. In this webinar, Ray Burke (Indiana University) describes how to quantify “shoppability”—the capacity of the retail environment to translate consumer demand into purchase—using a combination of attitudinal and behavioral measures. By analyzing customers’ perceptions of the shopping experience and how they interact with the store environment, marketers can identify specific product categories and brands that are underperforming and make changes to product organization, shelf placement and value communication to realize each category’s full sales potential. The presentation will summarize findings from recent laboratory and field experiments that measure category and brand shoppability and highlight approaches for improving shopper engagement and eliminating barriers to purchase.

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Nov 16, 12:00 AM UTC | Online

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