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Using Connected Data Intelligence to Measure Brand Performance

In today’s big data world, nearly everything is passively observed and managed in a digitized fashion. The range of content now available is both inspiring and intimidating to researchers. Consumer sentiment is captured on websites and social media outlets. Exposure to advertising is recorded by set-top boxes, digital tags, and mobile devices. This results in an incredible amount of risk and uncertainty as it relates to using traditional research and new data assets for insights and decision-making.

The winning firms will be those that manage this uncertainty well—by connecting different data assets in a strategic manner, by understanding the analytic tools to deploy against these objectives, by nurturing talent that can handle this kind of ambiguity, and by repeated testing of relationships to understand which new data assets like search and social are predictive of traditional equity and sales metrics to build up a set of generalized patterns to guide decisions.

Bill Pink will discuss how Millward Brown is embedding connected data intelligence into their measurement of brand performance, drawing on hundreds of tests and specific case studies evaluating how digitally measured assets such as search and social impact (or do not impact) survey-based brand equity metrics and offline sales.

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Nov 17, 11:00 PM UTC | Online

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