May 26, 1:00 PM EDT 


Inefficiencies in Digital Advertising Markets

Digital advertising markets are growing and attracting increased scrutiny. In this session, academic leaders will explore four market inefficiencies that remain poorly understood: ad effect measurement, frictions between and within advertising channel members, ad blocking, and ad fraud. Although these topics are not unique to digital advertising, each manifests in unique ways in markets for digital ads. The session will cover relevant findings in the academic literature, recent developments in practice, and promising topics for future research.


Brett R. Gordon

Northwestern University

Brett R. Gordon is an Associate Professor of Marketing with research in pricing, advertising, promotion, retailing, innovation, and competitive strategy. Professor Gordon studies these topics by drawing on methods from empirical industrial organization, econometrics, and machine learning. He is a co-founder of the Quantitative Marketing and Structural Econometrics Workshop, which helps educate graduate students on state-of-the-art empirical techniques. At Kellogg, he teaches the MBA course on Retail Analytics and Pricing and a Ph.D. course on Structural Models for Quantitative Marketing. Previously, he was the Class of 1967 Associate Professor of Business at Columbia Business School, which he joined in 2007. He earned both his Ph.D. in Economics and Masters in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University.

Kinshuk Jerath

Columbia University

Zsolt Katona

University of California, Berkeley

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May 26, 1:00 PM EDT

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