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Fall 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting: Marketing in the Real-Time Future


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Join MSI and your fellow member Trustees for our annual fall Board of Trustees meeting in San Francisco to engage in two days of learning, knowledge sharing, and networking. This year’s meeting will ask the question, “What does the future hold for marketers?” Marketing is changing at warp speed, and we are all scrambling to adapt in real time. The way we communicate is different, consumers are different, and marketers must tap new capabilities and domains. What do we need to know and do today to prepare for what lies ahead?

Come and learn from corporate innovators, academic experts, and marketing and insights leaders:

  • Pam Forbus, PepsiCo, on the changing role of the insights organization
  • Eric Johnson, Columbia University, on building better choice engines
  • Sabre Labs’ Mark McSpadden on staying ahead of the tech curve
  • Shannon Nutter-Wiersbitzky on improving the customer experience at The Vanguard Group
  • Tom Steenburgh, University of Virginia, on the future of sales and sales management
  • Marc de Swaan Arons, Kantar Vermeer, on building the “insights engine”
  • Kimberly Whitler, University of Virginia, on what we can learn from “high-impact” CMOs

Trustees Meetings are open only to corporate and academic members of the MSI Board of Trustees. If you are not a Trustee but would like to attend, please contact Kate Grey.

Agenda Description

View a PDF of the agenda here

7:30 – 8:30 a.m. Registration & Breakfast
8:30 – 9:00 Welcome and Introductions
Katherine N. Lemon, Boston College and Executive Director, MSI, Earl Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, MSI, and Marni Zea Clippinger, President and CEO, MSI
9:00 – 9:30 Building the Insights Engine: Findings from Insights2020
Marc de Swaan Arons, CMO, Kantar Vermeer
In today’s highly dynamic business landscape, a key competitive advantage is customer centricity–the deep understanding of your customers’ needs and the ability to fulfill them better than anyone else. Marc de Swaan Arons will discuss findings of the Insights2020 study, an insights leadership initiative to align insights and analytics strategy, structure, and capability to drive business growth, which involved more than 325 business, marketing, and insights and analytics leaders, and 10,000+ practitioners from 60 countries. Specifically, he will focus on 10 characteristics proven to make a successful ‘insights engine’, which will be illustrated through examples from Unilever’s path to customer centricity.
9:30 – 10:00 Beyond Nudges: Becoming a Better Choice Architect
Eric Johnson, Columbia University
Realize it or not, we are all choice architects. How we pose options to our family, friends, employees and customers affects what they will choose and how they will experience that choice. And because we all make choices, it is important that we know how choice architects influence our choices.Eric Johnson will discuss two principles that underpin the effects of choice architecture and describe how they help choice architects make better design decisions. These decisions include the number and order of options to present to the decision maker, which attributes to present, and how to describe them, and when decisions should be made. As choices are increasingly made online, he will discuss how marketers can combine these tools to build choice engines that help consumers make better, faster, and more confident decisions, and will offer examples from leading companies and public policy.
10:30 – 11:00 Break
11:00 – 11:30 Keeping Up with Technology Innovation in Real-Time
Mark McSpadden, Director of Sabre Labs, Sabre
With the increasing rates of technology adoption it can often be a challenge to keep up and stay innovative. Sabre Labs’ Mark McSpadden will share how his team stays ahead of the tech curve and will give a preview of the technologies that will impact travel and many other industries in the decade to come.
11:30 – 12:30 p.m. Academic Quick Talks

Managing Post-Purchase Service Experiences: Leveraging Customer Feedback to Strengthen Relationships and Increase Customer Spending Paul Fombelle, Northeastern University
A field experiment with a Fortune 500 hospitality firm and a lab study demonstrate that acknowledging positive customer feedback from post-purchase satisfaction surveys can increase repatronage and customer relational bonds. Paul Fombelle will discuss these results and their implications for firms tracking customer satisfaction and loyalty following interactions with their brands.

The Digital Satisfaction Index (DSI): Developing a Measure of Consumer Satisfaction with Online Experiences
Ashlee Humphrees, Northwestern University
Qualitative and quantitative analyses show that four key factors underlie digital consumer satisfaction—utility, privacy, social, and trust—and that these factors differ significantly across categories and countries. Ashlee Humphreys will discuss how the scale can serve as a tool for regular measurement and management of brands’ digital marketing across categories, countries, and time.

Is It a Better Product or a Better Fit? Consumer Beliefs About Quality and Taste
Stephen Spiller, University of California Los Angeles
Consumer beliefs about differences in product quality and taste matter. When people believe a choice is a matter of quality, they are willing to pay more for their chosen option and they focus less on themselves than when they believe it is a matter of taste. Stephen Spiller will discuss how natural language use in consumer product reviews can reveal consumer beliefs about product quality or taste and can explain discrepancies from expert evaluations.

12:30 – 2:00 Lunch
2:00 – 2:30 Making Organic Growth a Reality for the Salesforce
Tom Steenburgh, University of Virginia
With the drive for organic growth and a changing buying marketplace, sales organizations face realities that challenge traditional mindsets and “business as usual”. Tom Steenburgh will discuss this new sales environment, and what it means for organizations’ processes and programs. How can firms move the salesforce from a “fixed” to a “growth” mindset to sell new-to-the-world products? What are new ways to sell to customers who come to the market with more information about both new and existing products? His presentation will offer findings and insights on training and motivating the salesforce of the future.
2:30 – 3:00 Future-Proofing the Insights Function
Pamela Forbus, Senior Vice President, PepsiCo Global Insights
Historical sources of scale competitive advantage – supply chain, product quality, superior distribution, etc., are increasingly becoming table stakes; they are critical to compete but not sufficient to sustainably win vs. competitors. Moreover, the pace of change (and uncertainty) in the external environment (macros, markets, consumer, shoppers, competitors) is accelerating, and companies must continually adapt their strategy and execution. A minimum condition to respond to external change is to detect and understand it. To achieve competitive advantage, a business must be able to navigate the changing external reality by transforming data into insights and insights into superior strategy and execution faster than the competition. It must “bring the outside in” and become consumer centric, real-time. Pam Forbus will share her thoughts on what companies must do to “future-proof” their insights function and provide examples of how PepsiCo is tackling the challenge.
3:00 – 4:00 Discussion Groups
Breakout sessions will be organized around the topics discussed at the conference as they relate to marketing in the real-time future. Join other MSI Trusteess and academics to discuss the best ways to overcome challenges to marketing in the real-time future and achieve success.

  • What are the challenges you face in trying to market in the real-time marketing environment?
  • What are the greatest barriers? What has changed in recent years?
  • Where are the greatest opportunities for success and small wins?

Real Time: Reaching, Engaging and Delivering Value to B2B Customers
Real Time: Reaching, Engaging and Delivering Value to B2C Consumers
Real Time: Analytics, Models, Communication
Real Time: Skills, Talent, Capabilities (People & Tools)
Real Time: NPD, Design, Innovation, Adaptation

4:00 – 4:15 Transition to Business Meeting
4:15 – 5:00 Trustees Business Meeting and State of the Institute
All Welcome
This meeting will include the nomination of new Trustees and reports from the Executive Committee Chair and the Executive Director
5:15 – 6:00 New Trustees Orientation Session
For new Trustees, anyone new to MSI, and Trustees who want to learn more about how to help colleagues make the most of their MSI membership
6:00 – 7:00 Networking Reception
7:00 Dinner

Hotel Accomodations

Please make your hotel reservation online through The Westin St. Francis or by calling (415) 397-7000. In order to receive the nightly group rate of $289, please mention MSI Fall Board of Trustees Meeting. 

The Westin St. Francis
335 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 397-7000

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