May 11, 1:00 PM EDT 


Utilizing Eye-Tracking Data to Guide Managerial Decision Making

Analysis of eye-tracking data has been increasingly proven to help understand consumer behavior and generate insights that guide managerial decision-making. Eye-tracking data are especially useful in understanding and measuring consumer attention, information search, engagement, user experience and decision making. Indeed, eye and face tracking data is now ubiquitous because it can be collected via front facing cameras on digital devices. Companies are seeking to capitalize on that data to support a wide range of strategic and tactical marketing decisions. However, many industry studies stop short of providing more than heatmaps of attention patterns. Advances in analytical modeling of eye tracking data enables deep insights into consumers’ cognitive processes and enables prediction and optimization of the effectiveness of visual marketing effort. In this MSI event, marketing academics and industry experts will discuss the implications of eye and face tracking data for strategic and tactical marketing decisions including product, packaging, ad copy, and web site design, and product placement.

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Applications for Eye Tracking for Marketers

Attention’s Role in Consumer Search & Choice Behavior

Visual Assortment Variety and How Consumers Process


Applications for Eye Tracking
Michel Wedel, University of Maryland
Overview and techniques for eye tracking
Applications for marketing including advertising, shelf space allocation, search, and choice modeling.

Visual Assortment Variety
Barbara Kahn, University of Pennsylvania
How much is too much (or too little) variety?
What tools can brands use to make assortments easier to process?
How can you use of eye tracking to gain insights into how consumers process assortment variety?

Attention’s Role in Consumer Search & Choice Behavior
Tulin Erdem, New York University
Why is attention more scarce than ever?
What are the implications of these for marketers, policy makers, and managers?
How can we use eye-tracking data to address issues that arise from attention as a scarce resource?

Eye Tracking Applications to Measure Inattention, Attention and Distraction
Bryon Schafer, SVP of Research at Vevo, and Duane Varan, CEO of MediaScience

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