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Board of Trustees Meeting: Understanding Customers in a Digitized World

Prepared by Shrabastee Banerjee, Masha Ksendzova, and Cansu Sogut, 2016, 16-301

As technology continues to transform the path to purchase and delivery channels, companies are creating new ways to reach and offer value to “always on” consumers. At the April 14-15, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting, presenters explored new and evolving approaches to advertising, customer experiences, marketing analytics, and digital marketing.


Consumer Decision Making in the Age of Nearly Perfect Information: Implications for Marketers
Itamar Simonson, Stanford University

The Impact of TV Content on Digital Behaviors
Shawndra Hill, Microsoft Research

Why Is It So Hard to Get Social Media to Work?
Catherine Tucker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Marketing Interfaces: Consumer Behavior in the Evolving Digital Environment
S. Adam Brasel, Boston College

Data Lakes Demystified: Generating Insights from Integrated Multi-Source Data Structures
Norbert Wirth, GfK

Digital Incubator: MillerCoors Journey to Marketing in a Digital Age
Dilini Fernando, MillerCoors

Engaging Consumers in a Digitized World
Satya Menon, Millward Brown Analytics and Joline McGoldrick, Millward Brown Digital

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