Conference Summaries

Board of Trustees Meeting: Customer Experience Beyond the Hype


What’s Real and What’s Next? Trends (and Foundations) for Marketers to Build Better Experiences
Steven Pepe, GE

The “Building Blocks” of Customer Experience: Getting It Right – in Context
Katherine N. Lemon, Boston College and Executive Director, Marketing Science Institute

How Taking Photos Affects Enjoyment and Memory of Experiences
Kristin Diehl, University of Southern California

The 4 Minds of the Customer: How to Apply the Science of Decision Making to Your Customers
Ryan Hamilton, Emory University

Customer Experience Transformation and Expectations: An Approach for Large and Small Companies
Charlie Herrin, Comcast Cable

Consumers and Their Experiences: Dehumanized, Re-Humanized
Bernd Schmitt, Columbia University

Retention Through Experience in a “Switch & Save” World
Ben Grossman, Jack Morton Worldwide, and Jenna Lebel, Liberty Mutual Insurance

From Experiences to Journeys and the Importance of a Network Perspective
Stephen Tax, University of Victoria

Building Customer Engagement in a Digital Big Data World
Jim Sprigg, InterContinental Hotels Group

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Spring 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting: Customer Experience Beyond the Hype

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